What to do in Peniche


You can easily find a surf shop or a surf shcool in Peniche, Baleal and Consolação. If you dont bring material to do surf, its easy to rent. Since 25€ a day you can rent a surfboard, or per 30,00€ a day you can rent the surfboard and the wetsuite. The surf lessons, individual or in group its also a good experience, and you will find several options in the area.

Rent a bike or a Moto

To rent a bike or a moto, that you can easily get in Peniche. You can rent a bike since 15,00€/day or 60,00€ per week, or even a scooter by 30,00€ a day (24h) or 150,00€ a week. In summer season Peniche is always busy, so by bike or by scooter is a good way to discover our region or to park.

Visit Berlenga Island

Several companies work in Peniche marina and offer several options to travel to Berlenga Islands. Some of the conpanies also offer you the possibiliy to do diving, paddle surf or visit the caves. You only can visit Berlengas, between may and October, depending on the sea conditions. Some of the companies offer you the possibiliy to reserve your trip online. The tikets could cost 20€ per adult or 10€ per child. You can go and back in the same day or not, its also possible to camping or stay in the island some nights. In the island there are a restaurant, a supermarket and a fortress overnight. We can forget that Berlenga island is a natural reserve and there caring for mother nature.